Living out God's word in the real world

"Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”
(Matthew 7:24)

2018 PMC Bible Marathon.jpg

1.  How are the daily Bible readings organised?
We will be reading OT and NT books alternately.  The various biblical genres have been spread out
e.g. Gospels, Pauline Epistles, OT History and Prophets.  
Pairing of OT-NT readings are done thematically where possible,
e.g. Genesis-John, Leviticus-Hebrews, Deuteronomy-Romans, Daniel-Revelation.  

2.  What is the link between daily Bible readings and weekly sermons?  
A total of 100 sermons will be preached in the 2 years, covering most of the Bible's 66 books.  The daily readings will be synchronised to the sermons;
e.g when we are reading Genesis/John, the Sunday sermon text will be taken from Genesis/John.  
The aim is to provide a "deep and wide" appreciation of the Bible's message.

3.  Would there be resources provided to help us in this Marathon?  (Yes!)
a.  Daily Readings and Preachers' Journal in MyPMC App
b.  Reference materials on key historical events and people in the Bible
c.  Monthly short courses on how to read the different books of the Bible
d.  Fortnightly Live-It-Out guides and training classes for Life Groups