Christian Outreach and Social Concerns

Christian Outreach and Social Concerns seeks to demonstrate God's love through loving and meeting the needs of the poor and needy holistically in our community regardless of race or religion.

This is accomplished through our Partnership; Financial Assistance Scheme; Volunteer’s Program, and Counselling. 


1.     Tampines Family Service Centre (TFSC)

Since 1991, Tampines Family Service Centre has been providing services and programs to meet the needs of the community living in Tampines North and East. TFSC is managed by Methodist Welfare Services and Pentecost Methodist Church (PMC) is the sponsoring church in terms of finances, resources and volunteers. Various ministries from PMC, such as the Boys’ Brigade, Girls’ Brigade, WSCS, Youth ministry, have been organizing activities such as soccer clinics and school holidays program for their students. Beneficiaries from TFSC have been invited to our Christmas celebration annually.

2.     Pasir Ris Family Service Centre (PRFSC)

Being located in Pasir Ris, many of the beneficiaries that we are supporting are known to Pasir Ris Family Service Centre. PMC and PRFSC work together to provide a holistic approach to address the needs of the poor and needy families. Befrienders are assigned to individuals or families who need social support.

3.     Prison Fellowship Singapore (PFS)

PMC has a team of diligent and passionate volunteers who visit the inmates regularly. The team spend time to provide bible study, prayer and counselling to helping the inmates to break the cycle of reoffending. It’s truly rewarding when lives are turned around and restored back into the society. 

Financial Assistance Scheme

1.     PMC Blessing Fund

The fund aims to provide short term interim financial assistance to individuals or families who are applying for government funding and is pending for approval or are being referred by any social agencies, grassroot communities or church members. During the period, befrienders are being assigned to provide social and spiritual support to the beneficiaries.

Volunteer’s Program

1.     Befriender’s Program

The Befriender plays a crucial role in understanding and providing care to the beneficiaries. The personal touch and support given provides much hope and affirmation to individuals and families. To better address the needs of the beneficiaries, training and resources are provided to the befriender. Case discussion can be arranged with the pastoral staff for complex situations.

Volunteering as a befriender enables you to make a positive impact upon the lives of the underprivileged. To do so, please fill this Befriender application form

2.     Ad-hoc Volunteer Program

There are many volunteers behind the scenes to support the social concerns of the community. It ranges from organizing workshops, outings, roadshows and other events to tasks like sending a lonely elderly person to the hospital or sending a handicapped person to church.

Volunteers will be informed when a need arises and can respond depending on their availability. If you are willing to serve in such a manner and be notified, please email your name and contact number to Please indicate in the subject, “Ad-hoc Volunteer Program” 


For those individuals who are struggling with issues and challenges in life, counselling is provided to encourage them with hope, assist them with truth and restore them with love.

We provide counselling in the following areas: family, financial, marriage, parenting and addiction.

To arrange for a counselor, please email to Please indicate in the subject, “Counselling”

Contact us

To volunteer as a befriender please fill this Befriender application form

To volunteer under the Ad-hoc Volunteer Program,  please email your name, contact number to

Please indicate in the subject, “Ad-hoc Volunteer Program”