Volunteer Programme

The goals of the Volunteer programme are to better partner, retain and integrate the volunteers into the COSC team. We aim to provides clarity on the objectives and roles of volunteers’, maximise our volunteer's God-given gifts for service and to develop volunteers as effective helpers.

Volunteering begins with a short chat for us to know one another better, followed by briefing and training, placement, and then commencement. Regular review sessions will be conducted to connect with the volunteers and to better understand any concerns volunteers might have.

As a volunteer, you will receive ministry updates, opportunities and prayer requests from us.

Here are the volunteer opportunities available:

1.       Befriender
2.      Ad-hoc/ Share-a-skill/ Admin
3.      Group Volunteer



1. Befriender


Be a Befriender

Provide social support to the poor and needy families and isolated individuals


·         Able to commit to at least a year of service.

·         Able to visit the beneficiary at least once a month.

·         Provide friendship & support to the beneficiary.

·         Invite beneficiary to suitable PMC activities for the neighbourhood.

·         Ability to converse in Chinese, Dialects, Malay or Tamil is an advantage.

Suitable for

·         Adults (min age 18 years old).

·         Groups e.g. life groups or group of friends.


        48 Volunteers

Click here to be a befriender.

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2. Ad-hoc/ Share-A-Skill/ Admin


Ad-hoc/ Share-A-Skill/ Admin

Offer your skills to help our beneficiaries and/or support our work with them. 


·         Enjoy engaging people.

·         Possess skills or ability to conduct workshop(s) which could help the beneficiaries, e.g. graphic designing, writing, IT, training, admin, photography, or any other professional skills.

·         Be involved in any of the following areas:-

o   Assist in coordinating and conducting activities.

o   Assist in administrative work (e.g. conduct surveys, data entry).

o   Befriend and ensure the safety of beneficiaries during outings.

Suitable for

·         Open to all.

Click here to volunteer you time and talents

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3. Group Volunteer

If your life group, ministry, or group of friends has an idea on how to reach out to the neighbourhood, come and explore with us. All ideas are welcome, be it organising a birthday party or putting up a performance. Let your creativity flow and turn it into a blessing to others. You can contact the church office or email us at socialconcerns@pmc.org.sg.

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