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Invite a friend!

Our hope is that those whom we invite will hear the Gospel presented simply but attractively, in an atmosphere of unconditional love and hospitality.

Next E-Service : Sunday, 31 March (9am and 11am)
Topic : “What Is True Religion?”
Preacher : Ms Tan Tiang Keng
Venue : Pentecost Methodist Church, Sanctuary

Pointers to inviting your family/friends/colleagues:
                 -      Pray for them regularly and by name
                 -      Be genuinely interested in their daily concerns
                 -      Invite them when the opportunity arises
May we enjoy being God’s joyful witnesses!



题目 :耶稣受难是为了你我
讲员 :曾维森传道
地点 :卫理公会五旬节堂,4楼崇拜厅