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Basic English Classes: every Tuesday evening at church between 8 pm and 9.30 pm during school terms

Look up for information on the registration days in December and June of each year on this website.

For more information please write to the coordinator at the email:

 Registration day for Semester 2: 28 May 2019 7pm-8pm


Basic English Classes at Our Church

Our Basic English classes  provide opportunities for our neighbourhood residents and foreign workers to learn basic English. Started in 2008 with this as one of our objectives, the classes have seen increase in student enrolment over the years. Our teachers and helpers ( registration and logistics) are volunteers from both our English and Mandarin worship services. Many of them have full-time jobs in the day but are willing to give up one evening each week on Tuesday  to volunteer as teachers and helpers.

Classes are held every Tuesday evening at church between 8 pm and 9.30 pm during school terms. We follow the school terms of Singapore schools and  therefore have two long breaks in June and December. A year is divided into two semesters – the first semester starts in January and the second semester  in July. Registration is open in January and July , i.e. there are two admissions of students. A registration fee of $45 is collected at the beginning of each semester. Free dinner is provided on request.

 Three levels are available and a new student will be given an oral assessment to find out his level of competency in the English Language so that he is placed in the right level.  Lessons are designed to facilitate learning for students, some of whom are starting from scratch. Learning is geared towards interactive learning to encourage students to speak to the teacher and to their fellow classmates. Volunteer teachers use visual aids, games and role-plays to facilitate better learning. Informal assessments are carried out during each semester.

A Completion of Course Celebration, held at the end of every semester, is considered as an important event by teachers and students. Besides receiving  certificates and awards of different categories, students present items, such as presenting songs , reciting poems and skits.