Death occurs at Home

1.    Engage a Funeral Director (click here for list of Funeral Director)

a.    Funeral Director will walk you through the whole procedure from obtaining the Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD) to funeral day procedure.
b.    Funeral Director will collect the body, send for embalming (if required), and deliver to the location of the wake. 

2.    Obtain Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD)

a.    Contact family doctor who has been attending to deceased, or any neighbourhood doctor who is willing to make the house call. 
b.    Funeral Director may be able to provide a doctor.
c.    If the above is not viable, contact Police to come to your house which the Police will contact the Forensic Death Investigator (FDI). 
(Note: CCOD will be issued on the spot if death can be certified. If death not able to be certified, the body will be sent to the Centre for Forensic Medicine (CFM) Mortuary at Blk 9 of Singapore General Hospital)

3.    Register the Death

a.    Register the death at any Police Division Headquarters, Neighbourhood Police Centre/Post, or at the Registry of Births & Deaths which is located at 3rd Floor, ICA Building. 
b.    If the body is referred to CFM Mortuary, the death will be register at CFM Mortuary. 
c.    Items to bring for registration of death

i.    CCOD
ii.    Identification documents of deceased
iii.    Identification documents of informant

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